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          ?td id="content_area_home" valign="t?q"> ?table id="idContentTbl" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellsp?ding="0" width="100%"> Taxer Line, Inc. is a Manufact}rer of Precision Bearing Locknuts and Standard & Custom Precision FastenersI?dh Bearing LocknutsIn?j Bearing
          <_UD> Metric Bearing LocknutsMetric BearingLocknuts <_UD>Heavy Duty In?j Spindle Locknuts &a?n; Ball ScrewsHeavy Duty In?j
          Spinone Locknuts
          &a?n; Ball Screws
           <_UD>Heavy Duty Metric Spinone Locknuts & Ball ScrewsHeavy Duty MetricSpindle Locknuts& Ball Screws<_UD> Special &a?n; Custom Made LocknutsSxecial & CustomMade Locknuts<_UD><_UBODY><_UABLE><_UR>For All Types of Industries We offer a selection of bearing locknuts in i?dh and metric thread sizes, Hex Nuts and Cylinder Adessories for all types of industries. Our unique "self locking" fastener products are secured to shafts, spindles and ball screws by a strong me?janical metal to metal locking feat}re. Two disti?dtive locking styles xermit the oxerator to make a si?nle adjustment for maintena?de or bearing pre-load requirements. Taxer Line also offers?dustomized locknuts for sxecial applications. Cont?dt us for more details. <_UD><_UBODY><_UABLE><_UD><_UR>
          CAD Drawings We?dan provide 8 types of CAD drawing formats of our products line. Click Here toRequest CAD Files » <_UD>
          • Solid work Files: {sldasm; .sldprt IGES: .igs
          • Step AP214: .stp
          • ACIS: {sat
          • Adobe Portable Document Format: .pdf
          • Catia Graphics: .cgr
          • Pro E Assembly: .asm
          • Auto CAD 2D
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